This year marks the end of my first decade working in television. I did my first job in Orlando back in August 2003 on the Wayne Brady show out at EPCOT. I had some jobs here and there, a few commercials, a couple days on a feature film, this and that. In mid-January I spoke with the Executive Producer at Golf Channel that I had interned with, and he asked me to work such-and-such a Sunday as a freelancer. I jumped at the chance, and only after I hung up the phone realized that I'd just booked myself to work on a golf news program on Super Bowl Sunday. No biggie, the would probably would be a blowout, and I'd be able to watch part of it from the control room anyway.

Naturally it was one of the closer games in recent memory, and let's not even start talking about the show at halftime. 

It's been 10 years since then. The Super Bowl has been broadcast with a delay ever since. - I actually worked the Super Bowl in Tampa in 2009, and let me tell you, it ruins the suspense when you're watching the delayed feed, you see the quarterback bring the team to scrimmage on tv, and suddenly you hear the stadium erupt in sound. 7 seconds later you see the play that created the tumult. Ha. The Boss put on a good show at halftime though. 

Since that day in 2004, I've traveled all over the world.  Ireland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France Czech Republic, and Austria have all made appearances in my passport. Much of it for work! 

Which reminds me of a story. This one time I met Mick Fleetwood....