An open letter to The Daily Show

The highest compliment that I can give to The Daily Show is this, the episodes I enjoy the most are the episodes with a guest that I've never heard of. Because I always learn something new. I always gain new insight into the world, geopolitics, financial news, etc. I look forward most to the episodes that present a guest I've never heard of. 

I love that interviews often extend past the allotted time for the television slot. Here's the radical idea... Can we chose our own time slot as viewers? Can we engage directly and say, give us more? I watched the Michael Lewis episode on Hulu today, and I just want to be able to push a button and watch the rest of the interview. I recognize that there are a lot of obstacles, both of a technological and contractual nature, but it would be an amazing viewer experience to be able to push a button and see the extension of the interview. 

Thanks, and my best to the show.

Jon Painter