Ode to Apple

I'm no johnny-come-lately Apple fanboy. I've been around awhile. I grew up fascinated by technology. As a kid, I tinkered on a Tandy and eventually upgraded to a Commodore 64. I played Oregon Trail on the Apple's in the middle school lab. In high school, I learned Dos programming - del *.* - on 386's and Visual Basic on 486's, and we even had a, gasp, Pentium in the lab. I'm clearly an ol' geezer in computer world. After years of working on the school newspaper, fighting to get it printed in time because one computer or another wouldn't talk to the network, I left for college, turned my back on the Wintel world, and bought a Mac.

It was 1997. It wasn't easy to buy a Mac. 

At one store, the salesman told me Apple would be out of business before I graduated. Boy was he wrong! HA.

My beast of choice was a PowerPC 7300/200. 200 mhz of raw power at my fingertips. That lasted me through an extended college (I was not on the 4 year plan) that included coding classes, digital animation classes, I even did some video editing. That lead to a laptop, an assortment of iPods, another laptop, an iMac, an iPad, a couple of iPhones, and yet another laptop.  

Last week I got an email that my iMac group had a known issue with its hard drive and I was eligible for a free replacement. I'd actually already replaced it a year ago when it died, so I spent a few minutes on the phone with Applecare, and viola, they refunded the money I'd spent. This week I went in to the Apple store with my laptop cable as it was frayed through at just a year old, and they took one look and replaced it. I'm not saying they're going to replace everything for free if you beat it up, but the company has been so fair in the way they've treated me.

All of my tech talks to each other, I don't spend days hacking it to force it to cobble together, and when there's a known issue with gear, they've always cheerfully replaced it without making me feel like I have to pass a polygraph to get service. Since 1997, over 18 years and multiple computers I've lost 2 hard drives, a power cable, and had a keyboard problem, and Apple's taken of 3 of the 4 gratis. And my kit works hard. Most of the gear I'm carrying now is working on it's second circumnavigation in terms of distance traveled. I buy Apple because it works without an IT department, it keeps me working, and the company treats me great when things go south. 

Thanks Apple!

Jon Painter
Customer since 1997