The power of thought

“I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was. I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.” – Muhammad Ali

One of the great parts of the experience of working on Big Break was the opportunity to meet and learn from people that had a different life experience than I had. Sometimes from crew, sometimes from contestants, sometimes from folks abroad, sometimes from people who grew up in the US. 

One of the more driven people I ever met on the show was Christian Heavens. Beyond being a student of golf, Christian had made himself a student of greatness. Most golfers are going to read about Jack, Ben Hogan, and Bobby Jones. When Christian and I sat down for his bio interview, it quickly became apparent that he was looking beyond the question "What makes a great golfer" to a much broader theme, "What makes a great athlete?" Christian has studied people like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Olympians, you name it, to see what makes greatness. This conversation didn't make the final cut due to time considerations, but is struck me the way Christian thought about intention. Muhammad Ali said he was the greatest before he was the greatest. Ali spoke it into being. Think it, believe it, say it, make it happen. 

Since I've recently found myself "positioned for employment" I've been thinking about where I would work and who I would work with if I could be king of the world. In fact, I made a list. Instead of burying it, as I was once wont to do, I'm going to throw it out there and see if I can make any of it happen. Think it, Speak it, Make it happen, right?. It's a bit of a big list, but I'm not a narrowly focused person.

Virgin Galactic
Space X
Zero Gravity Corp.
-If you know me well, you know I'm a space geek. I didn't just go to Space Camp, I won the "Outstanding Trainee" award, my team won the Space Bowl quiz award, and my rocket team had an issue with what you might call an "overly experimental" rocket design. I took an undergrad planetary sciences course at the U of A and surveyed maps of Mars that probably no one has ever seen. I've toured the Vehicle Assembly Building, and the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout building. I've seen ISS modules being checked out on earth prior to launch, I've watched a host of space launches from early Space Shuttle to Orion. These are the organizations that are flying into space or involved in the space experience. They must need a producer or a photographer right?

Kevin Smith
-It's Kevin Smith. It would be a career highlight to be a PA on a Smith movie. Snooch to the nooch.

Star Trek or Star Wars Episode 8
-I have no connections to Vancouver or Pinewood, but see point 1 above. 

The Olympics
-Greatest sports television on the planet. 

Walking Dead
-Extremely well put together show. One of my favorites to watch. I can work as a local in Atlanta. I would be a frighteningly huge zombie. 

Game of Thrones
-Again, top-notch filmmaking, love watching it.

Captain America
-I hear they're shooting the next one in Georgia. Like I said, I've got a room there. On your left.

Outside TV
-I love road biking, skiing, rock climbing, and shooting time-lapse photography (demo to come). This seems like a natural fit.

The Tour de France
-I like road cycling, and it's Le Tour. 

-I love seeing the world and meeting people from all over... I've done some nice photography from all over, and people seem to like some of the things I've written recently. I should look into this.

That's what's rattling around in my head today. Before I sign out, follow Christian on twitter if you want to watch his pursuit of his dream.